9 Interview Questions that Will Help You Land the Right Hire

October 24, 2011
Posted by Link Staffing Services

How many times have you hired an employee who turns out to be much different than the employee you thought you were hiring? One way to prevent those unpleasant surprises is to tighten up your interview questions. Here are some questions that can help you uncover more insight into your candidates.

Questions to determine the candidate’s weaknesses:

1.  If I were to contact your last boss, what would they say would be the biggest area you could improve upon?

2.  What is a weakness that you are currently working towards making into a strength?

3.  What things might some of your coworkers say are your weaknesses but you believe are your strengths?

Questions to determine the candidate’s initiative, creativity, etc.:

4.  Initiative: Tell me about project XYZ —how did you identify the problem and what were the steps you took to implement a change? Tell me a time when you identified a problem and had to communicate it to management?  What was it about the problem that caught your attention and what did you do to convince management to allow you to do to implement change?

5.  Organizational Skills: Tell me about a time when your ability to organize was challenged the most and did you find a way to create order from chaos? How do you plan your day? What tips would you give someone who is overwhelmed with paperwork or tasks?

6.  Creativity: Tell me about your last idea. What inspired you and did you change you idea after consideration? How would you improve upon this process? Tell me a time when your creatively solved a problem in a way no one had considered in the past?

Questions to determine a candidate's ability to work autonomously:

7.  Tell me about the last time your manager was not reachable and you needed their immediate input. What did you do?

8.  Describe for me on a scale of 1 to 10 how hands-off you prefer your managers to be.

9.  Describe a time in your most recent job where you were given responsibility for a project that you had little experience in, but were provided with reference materials. How did you handle it and did you feel you received enough guidance?


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