Hiring Managers Use Social Media to Check Candidates

June 27, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

The only thing surprising to us about the statistics below is that the percentage isn’t higher.

A recent CareerBuilder survey revealed that over 37 percent of human resource professionals and hiring managers use social media to look into job candidates. Facebook (65%) gets the widest use, with LinkedIn (63%) not far behind. Mostly, they check social media to see if the candidate presents him/herself professionally, whether s/he’s a good fit and to learn more about his/her qualifications. But 12% also look for reasons not to hire the candidate.

And 34 percent indicated they did find reasons not to hire particular candidates. Inappropriate photos, indications of heavy drinking or drug use, poor communications skills, discriminatory comments, bad-mouthing previous employers, lying about qualifications—all these things turned out to be turn-offs for potential employers. 

The high percentage of close calls seems to suggest that if you’re in the business of hiring, you’d do well to do your social media research on serious candidates. You shouldn’t feel as if you’re spying, either. What a person puts out on social media they’ve consciously made publicly available. Checking it out is simply due diligence on your part.

If you’re in job search mode, however, you should know well enough by now to make sure your social media act is cleaned up. Your next prospective employer may be watching...


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