You Want to Keep Your Team? Stop Stressing Them.

July 18, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

You pay competitive salaries; you treat your employees respectfully; you hire good people. So why does it seem as if the door is always revolving? Could it be because you expect your workers to be a workaholic like you?

Seriously. Just because you eat lunch at your desk (when you eat it at all), take a vacation every three years and don’t leave work until after you can’t keep your eyes open any more is no reason to expect your employees to do the same. Sure, you may be passionate about your work, but everyone may not feel that passion so deeply. And if your overdeveloped work ethic is driving good people away, is it really doing you so much good?

Maybe you should spend a little time considering what the demands of the job are from your employees’ point of view. Do they get scheduled breaks? Do you make them feel comfortable taking them? When they leave the workplace at 5:00 or 5:30, do you make them feel as if they’re abandoning the ship? Do they feel obligated to lunch while working? If so, you shouldn’t be surprised when they look for the exit quickly. Many people, after all, want lives. You can’t build a team denying that fact.

If you’re not just passionate—but smart—about your business, you’ll take your foot off the gas long enough to build a solid team. That doesn’t mean everyone gets a recliner and a snifter of brandy when they arrive in the morning, it simply means that you expect them to work hard AND relax. And the message will be most powerful if it starts with your own behavior. Take time for lunch. Leave at a reasonable hour. You can even go on a break from time to time; it won’t hurt you.

Your behavior sends a signal to your workers that it’s OK to combine work with relaxation. It's OK to have a little fun at work. It makes people feel valued. And if your employees know they’re valued, they’ll value your company too.


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