Hiring Temporary Workers Add Short and Long Term Benefits for Many Businesses

November 13, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

Temporary Workers Add Value to Many BusinessesIn the current economy, it’s common for companies to take a non-committal approach to hiring new workers. After all, during times of uncertainty it’s prudent to be cautious when it comes to growing payroll with permanent positions. Much like casual dating, with no pressure of an engagement, hiring a temporary worker––a non-permanent position with less of a contractual commitment––makes sense when financial commitment looks a little scary. For businesses that are just getting their feet back on the ground, hiring temporary workers seems to be the perfect solution.

And that’s not such a bad thing. Hiring a temporary worker can benefit both the individual and the hiring company. No wonder it’s a growing trend. Across the country, temporary workers accounted for 25,000 of the 80,000 jobs added in June, 2012.

For the individual, a temp position means opportunity: to earn income, to impress a potential full-time employer, and to add luster to a resume. Plus, working through a reputable temporary staffing company gives workers access to more open positions, some of which may ultimately be filled with full-time workers.

For companies, it can be especially desirable to bring on temporary workers. Temps can add much needed production for special projects or during peak production times. They’re often specifically trained by the staffing agencies for the skills needed to succeed at your company. And they’re schedules are flexible. Hiring temps is also a great way to seek out talent without having to sit through countless interviews to find a good match—the staffing agencies pre-screen. While having temporary workers at your company is not necessarily the least expensive option in the short run, it’s a great way to control your payroll, while adding interesting, experienced people to join your team.

So there’s no need to rush into “marriage” with a worker, when “dating” can feel so right.


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