Eight Qualities of Remarkable Employees

August 23, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

We all know what makes a desirable employee: someone who comes into work on time, is reliable, has positive attitude, is both a leader and a follower.

But what makes a remarkable employee? Someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty? What makes someone a true superstar in the office?

Here are eight qualities to recognize in a remarkable employee:

They Don’t Adhere to their Job Title
They jump in without being asked. They think on their feet and adapt to changing situations quickly and effortlessly. They see what needs to be done and do it, even if it falls outside of their job description.

They’re Kind of Weird
Not THAT weird, but to be remarkable means to be a little offbeat. Eccentric personalities shake things up at the office and add some flavor to what may be an otherwise flat office environment. Also, people who dare to be different often think outside of the box more and come up with truly inspiring and innovating ideas.

They Know When to Cool It
As energizing and entertaining as an eccentric personality may be, you also want an employee who knows when to take it back a notch. It’s often a tough balance to strike, but remarkable employees know when it’s time to be serious and when it’s time to play. A rare few can strike this balance just right.

They Praise in Public
Positive feedback doesn’t just have to come from a supervisor. Colleagues praising colleagues adds a positive vibe to the work place and encourages collaboration. Potential clients can immediately sense camaraderie among your employees and it bodes well for your company reputation. Remarkable employees will naturally praise their peers. That sort of positive behavior is infectious and goes a long way to uphold company morale.

They Complain in Private
Everyone complains sometimes, often with good reason. But many office concerns are better handled in private. Remarkable employees know which issues might be sensitive and can easily identity what’s appropriate to bring up at a meeting and what’s appropriate to bring up in private.

They Speak Up
Some employees are hesitant to speak up during meetings. Remarkable employees will get a sense of their colleagues’ personalities. If a pressing situation comes up, remarkable employees will ask questions on behalf of the group -- even if they already know the answer. They know when someone wants to know something but is too afraid to ask. They’re looking out for the good of the group.

They Have Drive
Remarkable employees may not be the ones with the fancy masters degrees or polished professional pedigrees. They may be people who were once told they couldn’t do it. Their drive springs from their determination to prove others wrong. It’s more than just talent, education and skill. Remarkable employees have drive that often stems from something more personal than just wanting to get the job done well.

They Fiddle
Remarkable employees are the ones who can’t stop tinkering with a spreadsheet or a timeline. They’re cleaning up a workspace or a filing system. They just can’t help themselves. They are not just thinking about how to do their job more effectively, but they’re thinking about how to make the work flow more efficiently for the whole office.

Do you have any remarkable employees? If so, you should think hard about how to reward them. Because remarkable employees are born, not made.


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