Money Network Payroll Service

With the LiNK PayCard, get paid on time
and correctly

Tired of Check Cashing Fees?

At LiNK Staffing Services, we recognize that everyone wants access to their payroll funds as quickly as possible and with little or no fees. For this reason, LiNK now issues a Payroll Debit Card to our Field Staff.

The benefits to having a Money Network account include:

  • Funds are available immediately, with no check cashing fees
  • Accounts can be funded without you ever having to visit the LiNK office
  • Use your Payroll Debit Card anywhere that accepts VISA
  • Payroll Debit Cards are safe and secure to use - you select your own 4-digit pin
  • Transfer funds to your personal bank account with no fee
  • Pay bills using surcharge-free Money Network Checks
  • Withdraw cash for free at any of the 32,000 nationwide Allpoint ATM locations


A Payroll Debit Card is accepted by all VISA participating merchants!

You can use your LiNK Payroll Debit Card to make purchases anywhere that accepts VISA. All you need to do is simply swipe your card through the card reader at the end of your transaction and choose the "CREDIT" button and your transaction will be processed surcharge-free!

For more information about a Money Network account, please see the Money Network FAQ's and the Money Network Quick Reference Guide.

More benefits:

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