Choosing a Staffing Service: Five Questions to Answer

September 9, 2011
Posted by Link Staffing Services

If you’re choosing to work with a staffing service, it’s probably to bring some efficiency to your organization. You need the right people and you need them fast. It defeats the purpose when a service sends you people whose deficient skills or attitude makes them liabilities. In order to find a staffing service that picks the right people for you, you need to pick the right staffing service. Here are five questions that will help you make the best choice.

Question #1: Do their screening processes address the specific skill set you’re seeking?

Need a welder? You’ll want to make sure the staffing service assesses welding skills. Make sure to ask what processes and tools they use for evaluating the skills of their applicants.

Question #2: Do you need a specialist staffing company? 

There are many broad scope staffing services that offer personnel ranging from IT to Engineers to General Labor.  However, if you’re looking for a highly specific position, such as an engineer or a CNC Machinist, go to a staffing service that specializes in placing those types of positions.  Also, are you looking for temporary workers, or for a direct hire firm? Different services have different areas of specialization. Placing workers on temporary assignments or temp-to-hire positions requires different recruiting skills than direct hire placements.   If you’re looking for executives or c-level people, you’ll probably want to work with an executive search firm that specializes in this area.

Question #3: How long has the company been in business?

The longer the company has operated, the more you can trust their systems have been tried and tested.  Also, longevity generally ensures stability. You don’t want a firm’s financial or organizational problems to exacerbate your staffing problems.

Question #4: What other clients do they work with? 

Do they work with your competitors? That could be a good thing, because it helps validate that the staffing company has the experience and knowledge in your industry to place the right candidates.

Question #5: Do they have a guarantee? 

In the people business, no one can guarantee 100% that everyone they send will be a perfect match; there are too many variables. But you can make sure the service stands behind their employees, whether temporary or direct hire. If an employee does not work out for any reason, they should be prepared to replace the person or give you a refund on services.  Ask what systems they have in place to ensure your satisfaction with the employees they send you. 


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