Building an Effective Strategic Staffing Plan.

November 1, 2011
Posted by Link Staffing Services

Those of us who own or manage businesses understand that staffing is critical for success. In most businesses, people represent the bulk of monthly costs—it’s a big investment. Recruiting, training and retaining the right employees at the right times is crucial. In that light, a strong Strategic Staffing Plan looks as important as—maybe more important than—a financial plan. But many companies don’t have one. Here’s how to get a usable Strategic Staffing Plan together.

  1. Start with your business plan.  Consider what kind of staffing changes will be required to achieve your planned growth and evolution. Develop strategies to link staffing efforts and talent management to your business goals. You will probably need to build a committed workforce to achieve them, which will require a commitment from your company to its workers. Build a human capital management strategy into the business plan.
  2. Include strategies for career development and advancement—job posting and other programs.
  3. Add strategies for maintaining commitment from employees who may not be able—or for perfectly good reasons may not want to—operate in a traditional 9-to-5 work arrangement. Build in the opportunity for alternative work arrangements. You can even redefine traditional work arrangements.
  4. Develop a recruiting plan that will yield the sorts of employees you need.  Consider partnering with schools, colleges and universities. Make sure you incorporate diversity into the process.
  5. Develop a strategy to involve existing workers in the recruitment and selection process. What about referral programs and peer interviews to help select quality candidates?
  6. Plan how to use technology to your advantage. Some of the recruiting and human resource management process can be automated. At some point it may be cost-effective to purchase recruitment or human resources software to operate your human capital management program.
  7. Build in a way to decentralize staffing, giving managers and senior leaders the tools to staff their business units themselves.
  8. Plan the role outsourced placement and temporary staffing can play in executing your plan, both as a way to fill in quickly and as an efficient recruitment tool.

Finally, remember the plan is just a blueprint created at a moment in time. The situation is constantly changing. Don’t just let your Strategic Staffing Plan gather dust on the shelf. Revisit it at regular intervals.


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