Team Building is People Building

February 22, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

Team Building is People Building
We read an interesting article recently about How To Build A Great Team. What we liked about the piece was its focus on hiring people, not just skills. Because in the end, it’s people who do the job, not skill sets. And people are, well, complicated.

Understand Who You’re Looking For, Not Just What
All of us are composites of many attributes. Making sure you understand the key attributes necessary to do a job successfully—and enhance the team—as well as the attributes that will prevent success, is just as important as knowing what skill set may be necessary, especially in a world where some skills are a dime a dozen. Before you start to evaluate people, create a list of key attributes and undesirable attributes. You don’t need a lot; just four or five, prioritized. When you evaluate people, make sure you find a way to understand how well they fulfill the key attribute set. And don’t forget to take note of what they bring to the table you may not have thought of. 

Balance Your Team
Once you start building team based on key attributes, it’s much easier to fill in with people who may be strong where others may be weak. For example, you may have a team that’s long on technical skill, or work ethic, but short on leadership. Or you may have a team that’s long on experience, but short on enthusiasm. Consider the people you’re hiring and how they strengthen the group.

When In Doubt, Hire for Attitude
In our own experience—both as contingent staffing professionals and as business operators, ourselves—we see it proven over and over again: attitude trumps skill, every time. Skills can be learned, but attitude is forever. Remember, you’re building a team, not a machine.


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