Your Brand Attracks Workers Too

April 2, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

We all think of our brands as assets that make drive us toward success in the marketplace. But your brand an also be an asset when it comes to attracting quality workers, too.

We read a recent article about research done by British recruitment website suggesting that “a company's reputation counts most for prospective employees as larger and well-known brands are most popular for job seekers.” It also noted that many respondents favored companies that are leaders in their field and hence enjoy financial stability and that workers are drawn to larger brands because they enjoy the public admiration.

While none of this seems to be earth shattering news—of course people want to work for stable companies and enjoy admiration—it’s certainly worth remembering for those of us who recruit for less visible brands. No less than out larger counterparts, our brands matter. The little things that go into creating a strong brand matter, like how you present your company on your web site, how clean your product literature is, how well you connect with your marketing, or how well your products live up to their promises. All these elements—the ones that affect consumers—will also affect your ability to hire quality talent.

Our advice? Don’t wait to take a good look at your brand and its assets. Careful brand development and consistent execution can be win-win, paying dividends with your customers AND dividends with your hiring success.


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