Your Next Best Worker May Come from Out-of State

April 4, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

A recent USA Today article noted that “a modestly growing number of Americans are moving out of state to get a job, a development that could cut unemployment and better match workers with positions.” And that got us to thinking: why not look farther than our own back yard for the best job candidates? Certainly widening the field may yield better candidates.

At a time when many qualified people are unemployed—some for an extended period—and housing prices have come way down, the idea of moving in order to accept a job is looking more attractive to many Americans. In a Manpower survey last year, 26% of U.S. workers said the recession made them more willing to move, vs. 19% who were less willing.

Of course, obstacles to mobility still exist. Some people simply don’t want to leave their homes and many may find it difficult to sell their homes in a tough housing market. It’s especially difficult if they’re underwater on their mortgage, which is true for over 20% of the homeowners in the country.

But short selling is becoming increasingly common for both mortgage lenders and borrowers who need to move on. And unemployed workers in the most hard hit parts of the country are becoming increasingly convinced that migrating to where the jobs are may be an inevitability.

For the hiring company, this is all good news. But won’t find the best mobile candidates unless you look for them, which means widening your search to other cities and other states. You may also consider covering some relocation fees. Candidates are widening their searches. Shouldn’t you be?


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