Build a more productive workforce: the time is right

August 15, 2011
Posted by Link Staffing Services

It’s not easy to find the silver lining in an economy with an unemployment rate over 9%. But those ugly unemployment numbers mean there are lots of willing, able and motivated workers out there ready to earn money for the employers who need them.

That’s not only good news if you need MORE help, it can be good news if you need BETTER help. Unmotivated and unqualified employees stunt the growth of other team members, hurting employee morale and overall performance. All of which drags down your bottom line. Now—while great workers are there for the hiring— is the perfect time to weed out unproductive employees and replace them with productive ones. (If you find this hard hearted, consider: you’ll be rescuing a hard working, motivated person from unemployment.)

The first step, of course, is to evaluate your staff members honestly. If you haven’t already taken appropriate actions to improve the performance of problem employees, you’ll need to do that. Once you’ve moved through the proper procedures, you don’t have to hire a replacement before terminating an employee. Temporary staffing services are now well stocked with high quality workers who can start tomorrow. You may even find someone you’d want to bring on full time!



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