5 Good Reasons to Hire Veterans

April 30, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

 When we read the recent post by Dave Gowel on 5 reasons the military is the best training for entrepreneurs, we were reminded why hiring veterans can be a particularly good idea for many businesses, even if you’re not looking for entrepreneurs. Aside from the fact it’s a way to give a hand to someone who has sacrificed for our safety, bringing a veteran aboard also brings personal qualities that bring unique advantages to your business. The qualities bred by military training, as well as life-and-death combat experience, can be inspirational for your entire workforce. 

Controlled emotions in stressful situations. Every job can be stressful. Great employees know how to control their emotions and work through stressful periods productively, often bringing less even-keeled coworkers with them. This is exactly the quality the armed services train into people, and which  brings them through dangerous situations alive. 

A focus on the team, not on rank. In the military, rank is a given; everyone wears it on their sleeve. It lets everyone understand the level of their authority, allowing them to focus on what’s most important: the success of the mission. Rank does not absolve anyone from absolute dedication to the mission. How would you like that attitude in your organization? 

Knowing personal limits and pushing them in a reasonable way. In a combat situation, it’s crucial to know what can be done successfully—even if it bears risk—and what simply can’t. That sort of “Don’t be a hero”  self-awareness also pays dividends in business, where taking on excess risk—often driven by ego— can lead to loss of investment or personal injury. 

No fear of failure. In the military, certainty about anything is a rare luxury in battlefield decisions. Of course, the same applies to making decisions in business or on the work floor. It’s important to have employees who can plan, execute, delegate, supervise and review the outcome of an operation or initiative, and not get bogged down in the pursuit of perfection before taking the first step. 

Strong ethical convictions. A moral compass is essential in a situation that could have life-or-death outcomes. For organizations that value ethics, an employee who can take the “hard right” over the “easy wrong,” despite risk to his own career, can be a valuable person, indeed.


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