Account Manager - West Houston, Tx


Establishes relationships with businesses and their hiring managers that utilize contingent labor. Plans, initiates, and assists Link Staffing Services through marketing of temporary, temp-hire and direct - hire staffing services. 


  • Responsible for performing field calls and appointments for discovery as described in the sales training manual. Ratio of cold calls to discovery meetings should indicate degree of effectiveness.  Utilize promotional aids, and marketing tools as needed to increase awareness. Prepares rate quotes and presents sales proposals with management approval.
  • Responsible for growth of additional business each week over the previous week’s billed hours.
  • Develop a monthly plan to effectively market Link’s staffing services in the sales territory. Maintain a 13-week planner board with target prospects. Maintain list of Top 100 prospects to establish Top 10 Targets prospects. Maintain quarterly projections plan. Maintain consistent and effective “Client Prospect” follow up activity according to the schedule in the Operations Manual.
  • Generate a specific revenue dollar volume and gross profit dollar volume for each monthly period according to the assigned budgeted goals.
  • Maintain contact with clients to insure continued satisfaction and obtain additional sales leads and job placements.  Work with Branch Manager to set visitation schedule for customer service visits by inside branch staff.  Keep company informed of changes within the client which would affect business.  Maintain current client profile on any prospect worth repeat visits and submits client profile to manager upon request.  Prepare client correspondence as required and prepare client files.
  • Maintain effective telemarketing/tele-selling which generates an adequate schedule of sales appointments. Leads provided should be properly followed up. 
  • Maintain timely and accurate data to effectively manage follow up and contact with prospects and clients.  Submit activity reports from previous week’s activity and upcoming week’s activity on Friday to management as assigned.
  • Report to the office each morning and afternoon to insure the personal contact necessary for the exchange of ideas and information between management, client service, and sales.  Reinforces teamwork concept to insure continuity of service.
  • Responsible for owning or leasing a vehicle. Able to perform required sales activity within their territory. Maintain personal vehicle in good working condition.
  • Responsible for maintaining appropriate business attire and representing the company with a professional appearance.  Adheres to the dress code outlined by the company policy.  


  • Knowledge of cold calls, sales, and marketing.
  • Skills in developing accounts and negotiating with clients.
  • Skills in preparing sales proposals.
  • Ability to follow up sales leads and develop them into business opportunities.
  • Ability to deal with rejection and continue to penetrate the market to uncover new business opportunities.
  • Ability to excel in a competitive environment.


This position requires a high school diploma or equivalent; 2 years experience in service related sales, and strong customer service skills, proven sales skills, computer, knowledge, high energy level, persistent, problem-solving ability, able to handle rejection. A college degree, 2 years of sales classes or formal education in sales or business management, 3+ years of outside sales experience and knowledge of strategic selling concepts is preferred but not required.


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