Renewable Energy

At LINK Staffing Services, we’ve been providing qualified workers to business and  industry for over 30 years. We know the kind of people you need, and how getting the right staff in place can light up your operation.

Some of the positions that we can fill include:

Solar Energy
• Installers
• Carpenter
• Concrete/Mortar Framers
• Electricians
• Equipment Operators
• High Voltage Electricians
• Laborers/Assemblers
• Linesmen
• Pipefitters
• Pole Pounders
• Welders
Wind Power
• Assemblers/Millwrights
• Carpenters for Concrete Forming
• Equipment Operators
• High Voltage Electricians
• Iron Workers
• Laborers
• Welders
• Boilermakers
• Concrete Form Setters
• Diesel Fitters
• Drillers
• Electricians
• Equipment Operators
• Excavators
• Labor
• Material Technicians
• Millwrights
• Sand Blasters
• Welders

You need a staffing service that won’t run out of steam.

Link delivers quality people when you need them. Link’s services include a secure client WebCenter, a comprehensive risk management program, and safety performance tracking. Plus, if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our employee, call us within the first 8 hours of their assignment and you will not be charged!

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