Link Staffing Scope of Services

Temporary, Direct Hire Placement & More

Link Staffing offers a wide array of staffing & productivity solutions including: temp services, direct hire, on-location staffing services and much more. Although our primary business is temporary staffing, we go far beyond your basic temp agency services.

Link Staffing provides full service productivity solutions with these goals in mind:

  • To help reduce turnover
  • To help improve efficiency, especially during peak periods
  • To help fill those hard to fill positions
  • To help minimize the cost of hiring 

Temporary Staffing Solutions

We can cover vacations, medical leave, skill shortages and short-term projects.

Peak Period Staffing Solutions

Seasonal, cyclical, larger or extended projects.


LINK does all your recruiting and screening per your specifications.


If we hire your employees or applicants you refer, we assume the legal obligations for employee wages, payroll deductions, and unemployment insurance and workers' compensation.

Managed Staffing Solutions

LINK provides Field Staff for functions or departments on an extended or contract basis, fixed percentage of workforce is LINK Field Staff, protects your core associates.

Vendor Management Solutions

Experienced in Vendor Management Solutions (VMS), LINK Staffing specializes in consolidating and managing multiple suppliers to give you control by bringing efficiency and predictability to your workforce management. We achieve this through our unique vendor management methodology and tailored technology. Our experience ensures we lead a team of capable and motivated vendors with transparent reporting. LINK Staffing continually analyzes critical management information so that you receive the resources you need on time and to your specifications.


LINK provides dedicated on-site management who understands your business and manages all HR issues associated with your contingent workforce. The on-site team uses LINK's proprietary technology to recruit, hire, train, schedule, and manage your staffing program. This is a customized on-site staffing solution that seamlessly integrates with your business and culture.

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