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About Link Staffing in Seattle

The Seattle (Renton) Office is locally owned and operated -- we are members of your community. Employers trust us because we're also local business owners, we understand the challenges you face every day. In addition, we have a large pool of light industrial, skilled crafts and trades and professional, clerical and IT services employees to fit your needs.

Our recruiting team can help place the right employees in your company and give you the competitive advantage and staffing flexibility you need. Working with the right staffing firm will help reduce turnover, reduce labor cost and can even improve your profitability.

The Best Staffing Firm in Seattle

We understand the challenge many employers face when they consider a new temporary workforce solution, especially here in Seattle. Reliable options for quality staffing firms are few and far between. Extra effort to minimize turnover, reduce labor cost and finding the right candidate for those hard to fill positions can simply be too much work for most managers to add to their already heavy workload.

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place! LiNK Staffing is more than just a temp agency, we provide local staffing solutions for the whole Seattle and Northwestern Washington community. Our company boasts of 30 years' experience in specialized staffing solutions, especially those hard to fill positions. We offer skilled labor, unskilled labor, administrative and clerical staffing in both temporary positions and direct hire. Industries we serve include warehousing and distribution, construction, manufacturing, call centers, and human resource services.

LiNK Staffing was founded in Houston 1980 and has since expanded to 41 offices in 11 states, including our location here in Seattle (Renton, actually). LINK is dedicated to workforce solutions tailored to fit our clients’ needs. Our scope of service includes temporary staffing, direct hire staffing, administrative staffing, business support, vendor management and on-site staffing support. We strive to provide only the best staffing solutions that work specifically for our local industries in Seattle.

LINK of Seattle

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Skilled Labor, Unskilled Labor & Industrial Staffing Solutions

Since our inception Link Staffing has been a leader in temporary staffing services, specifically in the skilled labor and industrial staffing fields. We still provide full-time and temporary staffing to a variety of industries including construction, retail and logistics, warehouse management, healthcare and manufacturing. These areas of staffing services are our key business in Seattle and due to popular demand by our industrial clients, we now handle clerical and administrative staffing as well as call center staffing and other business support functions here in Seattle.

Clerical & Administrative Staffing Solutions

For years Link Staffing focused on providing temporary staffing services exclusively to industrial, construction and manufacturing clients. Over time many of these companies continued to ask if we would aid in their business support functions as well. We tested the clerical staffing model in a few of our locations throughout the country, which were able to successfully source and staff these types of clerical and administrative staffing positions. So we decided, as an organization, to meet the demands for workforce solutions in business support functions on a national scale. We now bring the same resources for those hard to fill positions in the administrative realm.

On-Site Management - Link-On-Location in Seattle Washington

Many high-volume clients often request to place a Link Staffing representative directly on-site rather than to coordinate with our office in Seattle (or whichever location is nearest them) due to a need for continual involvement on our part. The primary benefits of implementing Link-On-Location in your facility include the ability for us to hire, train and schedule your temporary staff quickly and efficiently directly from your facility. You’ll also have immediate, continuous access to Link Staffing managers and human resource professionals who are regularly on-site to address your temporary staffing needs immediately.

Industries Served

For more than 30 years, LINK Staffing has been the trusted resource for skilled job seekers and for quality jobs. Whether you need extra staff to grow your business or you need to procure on-time help for your logistics, LINK serves America’s top industries, including the following:



Some of the positions that we can fill include: Office Support, Administrative Assistants, Customer Service Representatives, General Office Clerks, Receptionists, Call Centers, Call Center Managers and Call Center Representatives



Frame your project with just the right people. We can supply:
Carpenters, Painters, Electrical Journeymen, Electrical Apprentices, HVAC Installers & Techs, Certified Welders, Composite Cleanup, Pipefitters & Plumbers, Drywall (Hangers & Finishers), Laborers.


Food Production

We know the kind of people you need, and how getting the right staff in place isn’t always a piece of cake. Some of the positions that we can fill include: Customer Service Representative, Machine Operator, Driver, Packager, Food Service, Worker, Picker, Forklift Operator, Production Supervisor, General Laborer, QC Inspector, Inventory Clerk and Shipping/Receiving Clerk.


Professional Services

 We develop a customized roster of people who can fill their unique personnel needs as they arise. Some of the positions that we can fill include: Landscape Architect, Planner, Designer, Drafter, Illustrator, Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Collections Engineer, Production,Logistics Specialist, GIS Specialist, Programmers, Network Engineers, Project Management, Logistics.




We know the kind of people you need and can help ensure that you always have a five diamond rated staff. Some of the positions that we can fill include: Banquet Servers, Groundskeepers, Kitchen Stewards, Attendants, Food Preparation, Laundry, Valets, Floor Technicians, Facilities Maintenance, Bartenders, Event Set-up/Tear Down, Wait Staff, Housekeeping, Cooks and Janitorial.


Institutional Facilities

We work with all types of institutional and health care facilities including: Commercial buildings, Military bases and government complexes, College and university campuses, Multi-family property management, Municipal facilities, Institutions.



LINK has the workforce to help keep your operation running efficient and on time. We can supply: CDL Driver, Picker/Packager, Data Entry/Dispatcher, Production Supervisor, Returns Processor, Forklift Operator, Scheduler, General Laborer, Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Inventory Clerk, Loader/Unloader, Tagger/Pricer, Machine Operator, Stock Clerk, Mail Clerk, Verifyer, Material Handler and Yard Driver (non-CDL).


Manufacturing & Fabrication

We know the kind of people you need, and how assembling the right team of workers is essential. Some of the positions that we can fill include: Assembly, Electronic Assembly, Fulfillment, Forklift Operator, General Labor, Inventory Clerk, Machine Operator, Maintenance/Cleanup, Material Handler, Mechanical Assembly, Picker/Packer, QC/QA, Shipping/Receiving Clerk, Sanitizer, Line Stocker and Data Entry Clerk.


Professional Services

 We develop a customized roster of people who can fill their unique personnel needs as they arise. Some of the positions that we can fill include: Landscape Architect, Planner, Designer, Drafter, Illustrator, Chief Financial Officer, Certified Public Accountant, Collections Engineer, Production,Logistics Specialist, GIS Specialist, Programmers, Network Engineers, Project Management, Logistics.

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  • "High quality people are sent, we always get what we ask for."

  • "In the past we have had to turn to hiring agencies like yours when our unions could not provide. Sadly this did not turn out well and we have not used this resource again. The problem we had was that the agency we chose did not send us workers that worked safely nor did this agency take time to visit our facility to get a clear understanding of the type of work we perform.
    It was a nice to have someone from your agency take the time to see what this industry (shipyard) was all about. I could tell that Mr. Valdez has had a similar background and could identify the hazards that we deal with on a daily basis. Mr. Valdez really stepped up and showed interest in our industry and I can see where **** Shipyard could benefit from using Link Staffing Services. Thank you for sending Mr. Valdez to our facility It was a pleasure meeting him.."

  • "I am a very demanding person and need qualified people who are intelligent, hard-working, and are able to pass a 10 year background check to staff a high-paced customs freight facility.
    We have changed staffing agencies this year to Link, and they have provided excellent individuals for our company’s recent peak season work-load. The customer service from Link has been top- notched. I appreciate all Link’s effort to work with us to supply quality personnel.
    The end of our peak season recently began and I was faced with trying to decide which of the 8 member team was not coming to work the following week. This was the hardest decision I’ve had to make regarding temporary labor, as every person would be an asset to our organization. Thank you, for making the choice so difficult … nice problem to have for a change!!."

  • "SERVPRO of Renton and SERVPRO of South West Seattle have been using Link Staffing Services for about two years for all of our temporary staffing needs. Prior to using Link, we have tried five other staffing agencies and were disappointed in the people they were sending and their lack of communication in addressing our needs.
    We have been using Link exclusively and are pleased with the staff they send to us. In the time we have been using Link, we have hired over 10 employees from the Temporary Staff that Link has provided. It is important that the staff we use have been thoroughly background-checked, drug tested, and presentable since they are the “face of SERVPRO” when they are working at the homes and businesses of our clients.
    We have appreciated Link’s willingness to ensure that their individuals have a proper shirt and are on time and ready for work when they arrive at our offices. Our Project Manager, Aymee Dunn, has been in the restoration business for several years and she has stated that “none of the other agencies she has used in the past has been as great as Link’s. We are pleased to provide this recommendation to Link Staffing Services."

  • Link Staffing is our staffing lifesaver. When filling a critical position, Annette and her team made sure they understood our needs, job expectations, and our culture; and they always came up with an outstanding candidate. Their professionalism and expertise saved us hours of time, expense, and headaches associated with ads, interviewing, and background checks. Why would you ever do this in-house when you have a terrific resource like Link Staffing at your disposal?