Recruiting Strategies

LINK goes beyond the traditional job board posting to meet your specific needs.  Whether implementing a specialized referral program for your positions or targeting other industries to methodically and consistently recruit from, we know the importance of proactive recruiting to meet your toughest staffing demands.

  • Field Staff Referrals
  • Client Referrals
  • Social Media
  • Job Boards
  • Community Partners
High-Volume Recruiting Process
LINK utilizes an innovative technology system that allows us to notify our extensive Field Staff database in a matter of minutes as job opportunities become available. The use of this software has been enhanced by LINK’s ability to quickly download data from our proprietary database, customize each greeting, and alert a LINK Staffing Recruiter if interest is expressed. This leading-edge technology enables each of our locations to target a large number of specific, qualified, pre-screened field staff quickly reducing turnaround time in order fulfillment.
Extended Hours
LINK realizes that many of the most qualified applicants are already in full time employment and might be looking for a change, but do not want to jeopardize their current position. For this reason, LINK offices will open early, stay open late and even open on weekends to ensure that we accommodate all applicants’ schedules.
Industrial Workers
Industrial workers are much more comfortable with – and have more confidence in – LINK to meet their needs, than a company whose primary business is hiring white-collar workers. Our staff has a high appreciation for the value of our industrial workers, in a way that is generally not demonstrated by other staffing companies. This gives LINK the great advantage in recruiting these workers.
Field Staff Benefits
LINK not only offers great job opportunities, but also provides our Field Staff with support services such as flexible hours, choice of assignments, good pay rates, and some of the best benefits in the business.

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