Sales Calls Work

October 5, 2011
Posted by Link Staffing Services

We love email, social media and GoToMeeting as much as the next folks. But a recent survey among contingent buyers indicated that 45% hired at least one of their staffing firms because of a sales call. That’s right: 45%. Because of a sales call!

Maybe this shouldn’t come as a surprise, because while technology advances, people change much more slowly. A personal interaction can still carry the day when an electronic one can fall short. It’s tougher to delete a look in the eye and a handshake than an email or tweet.

Lest you say “sales calls may work, but they’re so-o-o inefficient,” check out another staffing industry study, in which firms were asked to name their most effective, highest bang-to-buck sales and marketing tactics. High on this list, shockingly enough, was "cold calling."  25% of staffing firms identified either telephone or door-to-door cold calling as their most effective sales tactic. And you thought cold calling was dead!

You may be in an industry where sales calls and cold-calling are more difficult. Or you may have an inbound marketing program operating at an efficiency level that makes the mere thought of a sales call laughable. But if not, it may be time to straighten the collar, lace up your good shoes and walk through a prospect’s door. You may find there’s business there.


David Banos said
October 11, 2011 - I believe it, when you need somebody on the spot, its nice to have someone to turn to

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