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Your local Link franchise is owned by the three partners in CBS Search Associates, Inc., a technology search firm that acquired the then company-owned Link business from the franchisor in 2003.  Chris, Nancy, and Brian Stubbs, three family members, have between them over fifty years of staffing industry experience, while their combined staff has nearly one hundred years of industry expertise.

The Sanford and Orlando operations together serve clients in defense, aerospace, logistics, science, and industry with both skilled workers and professionals in the Information Technology, Engineering, and Finance fields.  Additionally, a half dozen or more C level executive searches are commissioned each year.

The Central Florida Link operations have clients that literally use their employees to design, manufacture, quality assess, package, load, and distribute the product, while other employees provide ancillary support in IT, finance, and administration.  You'll see a testimonial video from one such client in our customer testimonial section.


4029 West State Rd. 46
Sanford, FL
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