Top 5 tips to beat the post-holiday blues at work

January 7, 2013
Posted by Lara P. at Link Staffing Services

A blog post by Link Staffing | Beating the post-holiday blues at work Most of us took a little time off over the holidays, so it's understandable that the transition back to work can be hard. After the first day, you might feel like you didn’t have a vacation at all. Below are a few tips to help you ease back into the daily grind.

1. While you’re away, get away – This one only applies if you're preparing for time off. Obviously, if you brought your cell phone to Christmas dinner, it's too late for this one. But keep it in mind for next time - don’t take your company phone or computer with you. It sounds crazy but we all know people do it. You will diminish the whole point of taking a vacation if you do.  The point of a vacation is to relax and come back refreshed.

2. Let yourself get behind – No doubt you have a ton of emails, voicemails and work to catch up on and that’s okay. If you have nothing to do when you get back, then maybe you should worry a little. But we'll assume that's not the case, so don’t push yourself to do everything the first day you get back; you will catch up slowly and steadily.

3. Start with some easy tasks – Try to make a short list of easy tasks you can tackle in 30-minutes or less and start there. The temptation here is to immediately start cleaning out your inbox (read our article on that here). If you didn't take your company laptop with you (like we said) then you'll probably have a long way to go before that inbox is all caught up, so you should get started. But be sure to limit your time each day on this one to an hour or so.

4. Don’t overwork to catch up – We know you're feeling the pressure to get all caught up. But don't overwork so hard as to un-do all the relaxing you've just done during your time off!

5. Ask for help if you need it (hint: you're going to need it) – The more responsibilities you have, the more difficult the task of catching up will be. Don't be afraid to ask for a little extra time to get things done or to parlay some of your less urgent tasks to your friends or subordinates at work. They'll understand and you'll probably have a chance to return the favor soon enough!

Now you'll probably just ignore all the above and work your fingers to the bone cleaning out your inbox until the wee hours of the morning, without asking for any help. We can't stop you from doing that. But we promise - if you take a few of these ideas to heart, all the high quality relaxing you accomplished will not be for naught and you'll be able to hang in there till the next time around.     


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