Veterans: Just What the Doctor Ordered

October 12, 2012
Posted by Josh W. at Link Staffing

Veterans make for great employees - Here are some reasons to hire veteransA little over half of today's companies report that they're unable to recruit the right talent for their key positions, according to a study done by the Manpower Group. Some have laid the blame on America's educational system, some find fault in the government while a few notable sources lay blame on the companies themselves for poor hiring practices. Whatever the cause, there's one solution that seems to be just what the doctor ordered -- veterans.

Returning veterans have already been pre-screened (in the most intense way) during their tenure in boot-camp and active-duty service, they're trained in a variety of valuable skills and have leadership abilities to boot. This powerful combination makes them excellent candidates for hire. Here are a few compelling reasons* that veterans really are a great prescription for an ailing jobs market.

1. Accelerated learning curve Veterans are able to learn new skills quickly and efficiently given the right instructions. In business, time is money. Less time spent training means more time spent being productive.

2. Leadership In the military, everyone is expected to lead by example. Everyone learns some degree of leadership (and the ability to follow), which leads us to #3.

3. Teamwork     The achievement of overarching objectives is crucial to successful businesses. This skill is difficult for civilians to grasp but veterans clearly understand the value of working together for a common goal.

4. Compliance Every organization has certain guidelines that must be followed. Veterans understand how these policies and procedures help the organization function efficiently.

5. Efficient performance under pressure The stress of corporate deadlines pale in comparison to the pressures of military rigor. You can be sure your newly hired veterans will keep their cool when situations get heated.

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