When in Doubt, Deliver Quality

January 4, 2012
Posted by Link Staffing Services

A recent article in FastCasual.com reminded us of the importance of quality to our businesses. The article specifically referenced two restaurant chains—Domino’s and Shake Shack—detailing how each in its own way achieved greater success by rededicating themselves to delivering the highest quality product they could muster within the constraints of their price points. Domino’s, of course, has gone very public with its quest to improve its pizza, while Shake Shack’s founder frets over whether they can maintain the quality that drives their success as that very success diminishes his ability to remain as personally involved at each restaurant.

Even if you don’t own a restaurant—much less an international chain of restaurants—you recognize the dilemma: what’s the cost of quality and can you afford it? The answer, of course, is that you can’t afford NOT to deliver quality. And “quality’ is a commodity to be found in all endeavors, even hiring and staffing.

It’s all too easy to hire the first or second candidate through the door, because you desperately need someone to fill the position. But if you don’t hire the BEST candidate, what have you gained? Will you still be delivering your best product or service in a few months? If you consistently scrimp on the discipline required to staff at a high level, what will become of your brand in a year? Or two years?

Just as Domino’s discovered and Shake Shack fears that the small decisions made in the press of time and growth can ultimately add up to a diminished brand, all business people would do well to take a moment and consider every day, at each decision point, whether the decision they are making will lead to better quality, or worse. Because as Domino’s and Shake Shack prove: better quality wins every time.


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