Why Employees Quit – Tips on How To Retain Good Employees

February 25, 2013
Posted by Josh W. at Link Staffing Services

Why Employees Quit - Link Staffing Services Blog - How to Retain Good EmployeesAs with most things, it’s easy to point out what’s wrong with your hiring practices but first, let’s take a look at the reasons employees give as to why they are satisfied at work (for those that are). The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) found that employees consider the following factors as most important:

  • Job security – Low employee turnover makes people feel secure
  • Benefits – Namely good health insurance
  • Compensation – This should be clearly explained during the hiring process
  • The opportunity to use skills – Again, make this part of your hiring strategy - keep the details about duties and required skills very clear. This will help you avoid a bad hire!
  • Feeling safe in the work environment – Neighborhood, environment, harassment, etc..

Most of these are obvious factors, but we’ve all seen that reducing employee turnover requires more than satisfactory pay and good health benefits. So what are some of the other missing ingredients? Below are several key elements you might consider next time you want to hire an employee. How will these factors fit in to your hiring process?

Relationship With the Boss – Poor relationships between the boss and his/her employee is number one reason given for why employees quit. An open line of communication and making an honest effort to connect with your employees is the key to building good relationships.  

Boredom – (aka lack of opportunity to use skills) – Many of us have experienced this first hand. Boredom will make the day drag on but worse, it’s no good to hire workers who end up feeling like they have no purpose in your organization. Hire an employee who has the right skill set for the job, not too much, not too little. They need to be challenged and given new opportunities to grow their talent.

Relationship With Co-Workers – This idea comes from our article, “How to Protect your Office from a Zombie Invasion.” If your office is full of gossip, bullies or lazy workers you may not even know but if you’ve got this kind of zombie infestation, your whole workforce may be suffering. Pay attention and listen to employees who report this behavior, and then make sure it is stopped. Don’t let poor relationships amongst co-workers be a reason why employees quit.

Financial Stability of the Company – Recent layoffs, high employee turnover, salary freezes, or reduced hours lead to employees feeling unstable. Some of these things are out of your control, so if you’ve got one of these black marks on your company record, do your best to explain during the hiring process  why the prospective employee shouldn’t be concerned – show them you’re stable and growing.

Organizational Culture – Here at Link Staffing we have 4 core values and one of them is To Treat Each Person with Dignity and Respect. That includes our temporary employees, clients and each other. If your organization has a reputation for unethical behavior or even if your executives are perceived as distant shadowy figures, your best employees may soon be looking for an improvement in organizational culture elsewhere..

Sometimes learning how to hire employees in the right way to avoid high employee turnover can be difficult. It takes time and effort but it’s worth the trouble, so take a few minutes and see where you might use some improvement in your hiring practices.

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Eric Blaise said
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