Staffing Services: You Might Need One If…

August 24, 2011
Posted by Link Staffing Services

Your business may or may not have used a staffing service to fill personnel needs. And a staffing service may or may not be a useful solution to you at any given time. But with staffing services nationwide collectively employing an average of 2.9 million workers daily, many companies are obviously taking advantage of what they have to offer. When might a staffing service be a good idea for your business?

You need more workforce flexibility

Nine out of 10 business clients rated flexibility as an important reason to use staffing services, saying it keeps them fully staffed during busy times. No wonder: few businesses operate at peak capacity 100% of the time; why staff to capacity 100% of the time. And if you’re growing rapidly, you may not be able to keep up with staffing either.

If one of these situations sounds familiar, you can choose from three different types of job placements to help yourself out:

  • Temporary or contract, where you add a staffing employee on an interim basis
  • Temp-to-hire, where you add a staffing employee until you're sure a spike in business will sustain itself or you want to make sure you have the right candidate for the job—if so, he or she becomes your employee
  • Direct hire or Full-Time, where you tell the staffing firm what you're looking for, it selects candidates for interviews, and you hire the best one

You can choose whether you want to bring people on for hours, days, months, or even full-time.

You need quick access to first class talent

Do you need specialized skills for a particular project? it’s much easier to turn to a staffing service, which already has a roster of talent, than to start from scratch. If you need a welder specializing in flux core arc welding, for example, a few calls to and industrial staffing service in your area may fill your need. In addition, these services can serve as deep recruitment pools for your full-time hiring. In fact, eight in 10 business clients say that staffing services are a good way to find potential full-time employees — and industry research indicates that three out of four clients rank the quality of the employees they get from staffing services as good as or better than their own employees.


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