About LINK Staffing

LINK Has a Rich History of Customer Satisfaction & Franchising SUCCESS

LINK Staffing was formed in 1980 by Bill and Karen Pitts (ASA Leadership Hall of Fame Winner) as an industrial staffing only employment agency. Bill and Karen started LINK Staffing with the goal of becoming one of the top staffing agencies in Houston and beyond. The company was designed to be a flexible staffing business where employees and clients could be truly valued. The first LINK Staffing franchise business opened in 1994 and LINK Staffing now boasts of 37 of the best franchise businesses across the U.S (that’s not just our opinion) with 45 total locations nationwide to serve you.

Our Key Commitments to Successful Staffing

The LINK Staffing record of quality and growth can best be chronicled by the decisions we’ve made that shore up our defining principles:

  • We’ve established a set of core values that guide our actions both personally and professionally.
  • We’ve designed and implemented strong Risk Management and Safety programs.
  • We’ve developed the most thorough screening process in the industrial staffing and clerical staffing agencies segment.
  • Our organization is committed to continually improving our technology to increase efficiency and to support our growing client needs.
  • LINK Staffing has also become an award-winning top franchise opportunity with an established, proven system.
  • LINK Staffing encourages a family environment that binds the corporate staff with our franchise teams.
  • We are committed to addresseing our clients’ need to find talent for particularly hard to fill positions.
  • We’re committed to a sustainable system that will reduce labor cost, reduce turnover, provide quality flexible staffing solutions, employ experienced people who are dedicated to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. 

It is the policy of LINK Staffing to grant equal employment opportunity to all persons without regard to race, color, sex, religion, age or national origin.

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